Match Report
St Andrew's College Boys-U14B vs  Graeme College
On: Friday, 31 May 2019
Venue: Away

The boys went into this game with enthusiasm and eagerness to do their best, and we had a full, strong squad. The game was held in gridlock as we struggled from the beginning to get the ball out of our own half and relieve any pressure. The Graeme team we faced was a big, strong, physical side we struggled to overpower. The opposition was able to get a goal off the back of a short corner which was the result of phenomenal bits of defending.

Luka Zeravica was phenomenal in goal, despite eventually finishing the game 5-0; His awareness and passion to do his best were evident, and he is slowly slotting into his new GK position well. Cameron Kamanyi was able to play a strong game at the back, while Kunga adapted to a LB/RB position well in the game throughout.

The strikers and attacking links felt frustrated from a lack of exposure to the ball, as we tried to play a high pressing game up front, but we struggled to get the distribution of the ball from the back, out, and so we had to defend a large portion of the match due to being shut down by a very attacking Graeme side.

Sauvan Sewsunker and Josh Furtner got good runouts, and Sauvan was excellent in the work that he put in, coming from 'off-sport', while Connor and Thomas Preston both worked hard as possibly could to get the game flowing, often to no successful avail due to the sheer strength of the Graeme side, but the overall output of the boys was determination, grit and energy, and so for that they can be proud.

We will have our match against Pearson less than 24 hours from this game, and so with much energy and enthusiasm, we hope to lift our heads high and hold strong and firm to get back to winning ways, and we are learning a lot as we go, so hopefully, we use this advantageously.