Match Report
St Andrew's College Boys-U14B vs  Grey High School
On: Friday, 05 Apr 2019
Venue: Away

SAC U14B played an extraordinary game on Friday afternoon against a stern Grey side as opponents. Having a full team practice for the first time, two days before the fixture was delightful, though not ideal, but each player had been able to show their potential in the early parts of this season at different times. Come Friday, our tactics were able to guide us to an unbeaten start, though a win was definitely far more in reach for us than Grey, as the boys' pressing, attacking, energy, enthusiasm and determination was very admirable, and they played to their own beat, outplaying Grey in large portions of the game.

After a quick prayer and team chat, the boys knew full well that there was no reason a result against Grey was not possible, and that they were extremely capable in achieving a good start to their season.

Muhammed Moosa was fantastic in goal, speaking well to the players and defending well. Ben Bowker and Michael Mulcahy worked hard at the back on the left and right back positions really well, spreading the ball out wide, moving into space, shifting play and getting play on attack, while also holding Grey's wingers well, denying them space.

Chirak Kawala, Cameron Kamanyi and Kunga were all able to hold defensive positions well, keeping the momentum up for the team and sustaining good efforts in keeping possession and moving play onto attack, feeding into the strikers, and were good energy boosters for the team coming off the bench.

Thomas Preston was a rock at the back, pressing up high, and holding his own along with fellow centre back Joshua Pretorius, as they both denied any further movement for Grey, turned over possession, were sharp off the ball and held the team together in their shapes well.

Within 5 minutes, SAC were 1-0, and rightly so. Straight from the start, College were on the attack, pressing the opposition well and sitting in their half, and 'D', and never took their foot off the gas. Attackers Thomas Preston, Ian Meihuizen (Vice-Captain) and Attacking Link Connor Preston, all sustained efforts to get more shots away and got the team to half-time, with possibilities for more and more goals, to no avail though, but with extremely noteworthy attempts. Ifeoluwa Ogunniyi and Bruce Biggs held the middle of the park extremely well, denying Grey space outside and channelling the game in ways that were necessary for adequate attacking, while Captain Jeremy Cunningham was swift on playing the ball out from the back and into space, out wide, going forward and working hard, as a defensive link just in front of the defence.

The boys' heads weren't dropped-Far from it, when Grey equalised with 8 minutes to go, but burst forward in search of more goals, while earning and making good use of their short corners, showcasing the ferocity of their potential to score.

Overall, the boys played a terrific game of hockey, and deserved to get off to such a splendid start against a good team at the very beginning of the season, and with their good efforts sustained, we have the glorious chance to have a superb season going forward. Well Done Boys!